Raising Minimum Wage Fix the Economy or Promote Job Growth

Even though the economy is not so great, he is booked up all summer long and is attempting to schedule two weeks at which they can take a vacation and visit some beach city along the coast since we are living in a really hot desert in summer time.Theysaid they must train people they simply slow him down although they want to get aid.Theyhave two helpers that are good but two could be easily used by him, they pay about 18 per hour to them. Weexplained to him that they are increasing the minimum wage legislation and they said that was terrible since in fact new employees should be paying him as he’s training them on the job to the first two weeks. In actuality, until they are trained, they make him redo things get in his way and get on his nerves. If they must pay those 9.80 per hour that is what some people in the national government are suggesting, then they simply would not hire anyone else they said.

Minimum Wage

Plus, He’s still concerned about exactly what is going to happen and they figures that will cost him 4500 per year for all the present employees they has so the last thing they needs to do is hire two more. To put it differently, they will stay active, keep the work not grow his business, rather than hire anybody. At this point we want to ask our reader this assists job development in our nation. That is a rhetorical question since the solution is.Federal minimum wage would reach 9.80 an hour following proposed increase and; Democrats push for 9.80 minimum wage and some may think this will be a fantastic thing for poorer people but that is not true that thought process comes straight from Social Theory that has not worked everywhere look at Europe particularly Spain and Greece with unemployment well over 25% at this time.

Wethink what many people in Congress do not realize, perhaps because they have never run a business is that small companies if they are forced to pay a higher speed to each new employee, they just would not hire as a lot of men and women. This Salário Mínimo no Chile means people are going to be collecting food stamps, rather than paying taxes.Indeed, it is too bad that there are far too many people in our national government that do not understand economics and worse voters that do not get it.  Wemean, they teach all kinds of liberal arts crap, political correctness courses and you name it but they are not making economics compulsory anymore. No wonder nobody comprehend interest, can balance a checkbook or go vote.Wehope you will please think on it and consider this.