Electrical Home Appliances And The Hazards

In daily lifestyle, people use many electrical devices like TV, radio, mobile phones, computers, Air conditioners, laptops, microwave ovens, etc.  And they cannot live without any of these aids as they have become the part of their lives. These devices release many rays which are not visible to a human eye. Among them, electromagnetic waves are the one which is result from many of the electrical appliances. The exposure to these rays in the recent times has been increased a lot since man is getting habituated to all these devices at home, workplace, during traveling, etc. Most of the young generations got habituated to such gadgets and electrical devices which emit the harmful radiation.

Because of the combination of an electric field and a magnetic field these hazards occur. The stationary charges produce electric fields while the magnetic fields are generated by the moving charges often called as currents. Their interaction results in electromagnetic waves.  All these things are not understandable to the ordinary people unless they can have some technical knowledge. The advancements in the science and technology result in many new inventions that are very useful for human life. In fact it makes the life simple and comfortable with the design of all these stuff and emf protection is the solution which is possible by using the products with emf shield which reduce the effect to a large extent.

Even a small amount of electric current is present in the human beings and when they feel hungry, the stomach sends an impulse to the brain. Similarly a low-frequency magnetic field keeps circulating within our bodies. But these electric and magnetic fields induced currents are very small when compared to the frequency produced by the electrical devices. But due to the overexposure which can be bearable by the human body to these fields results in biological disorders and adverse effect on health. Because of these reasons, many restrictions are imposable on the devices which release these fields by the national and international guidelines by the WHO organization.

Most of the product manufacturing companies perform the EMC compliance testing to know the levels of emission of the radiation effect from the product as per the rules mentioned by the regulatory bodies. Most of the people in the world have been using various types of electrical appliances to carry out their routine activities. These tools and devices can help them to accomplish their tasks quickly. Over exposure to these fields can affect the health of the people. Some of the symptoms of a headache, anxiety, depression and nausea, etc. have become common in most of the people. Also, these fields have worse effects of an increase in chances of getting cancer and leukemia in children and adults, and still the people can’t get rid of them.