Save Water, Save Our Planet

Water is a very precious natural resource without which surviving is close to impossible. We humans can continue to live without solid foods for long, but living without water will result in our end. Apart from drinking, we need water for a number of purposes, such as in agriculture, in watering crops and plants, in generating electricity, etc. Waters is highly used in numerous domestic purposes too, such as cooking, bathing, washing, cleaning, etc.

Imagine a day without even a drop of water, to bathe, to cook, to wash the laundry or to mop the floor. Such a scenario is difficult to imagine but we are not very far from it since our mindless and incessant use of water is quickly resulting in depleted reserves of natural potable water. Until an alternative is found, we have to use water wisely and avoid water wastage. Many countries are facing severe water shortage and we as the privileged few must not take the present water supply for granted. There are a number of ways in which we can save water on a day-to-day basis, with using rainwater tanks being one of such ways.

used to collect and harvest water

Preserve rain water

One of the main sources of water for most is rain. Unfortunately, deforestation and unruly felling of trees as led to loss of green cover and, in turn, to less rains and prolonged dry spells. The best way to make use of rainwater is by harvesting it. This means that rainwater can be stored and used for various purposes, such as watering plants, for flushing toilets, washing clothes in the machine, cleaning cars and for drinking too in dire conditions. To reserve rainwater tanks must be installed. Other than rainwater tanks being used to collect and harvest water from the rooftops, many such tanks can be built underground to store storm water or to store rainwater from various surfaces.

Different materials can be used to create a rainwater tank however concrete tanks are beneficial as they keep the water cooler and free from algae and other contamination. Rainwater harvesting is one of the best ways to save water and to put it to use.

Other solutions

Other ways to save water is to use it wisely and sparingly. Water can be reused for various reasons, such as watering plants or in the washing machine. Leakage of pipes, faucets or taps must be checked and repaired immediately to avoid wastage of water. The use of water hoses must be avoided whenever possible as they lead to more water consumption.

The importance of conserving water must be taken seriously and steps to save water must be practiced.