How to Care For Silk Grass Plants and Silk Flowers in Home?

Decorations made from artificial character beauties like silk bud Plants and silk flowers never run out of fashion. You can grow them beautifully without a green thumb or understanding in gardening. They would not leave any rotting plant odor even after 10 years of use. If you become tired of their look after some time period, you can disassemble different arrangements you have and generate a completely different arrangement out of the very same materials, making them fresh decorations from the previous ones.

grass plants

  1. Regular dusting of your home decors are required and make sure to perform this at least once weekly in your whole house. Include your silk grass and flowers among the ones that you regularly clean weekly. Use a little feather duster to loosen the dust.
  2. After a while, these ornaments may have some dust build-ups. For This situation it is possible to use regular home appliance dust cleansers like Pledge. After loosening the dust, as mentioned above, just spray a considerable quantity on the grass and flowers.
  3. Wipe off the sprayed liquid by means of a soft fabric. Do not let the sprayed liquid remain too long on the substances. About 10-15 minutes is good enough.
  4. If you want better results, you may also opt to buy cleansers created especially forĀ grass plants and flowers. You would just have to eliminate the dust using a feather duster then spray the cleaner. There is absolutely not any need to wash the decorations again using a soft cloth.

A tiny tip here however, some cleaning products for silk flowers and plants can leave some substances on the substances. This may lead to discoloration and even premature breakage and tear. As a precaution, even when using these cleaning products apply or use it on a discretely hidden area of the ornament. If there be discoloration, then discontinue the use.

  1. Allow the decorations air-dry completely. It is also best to not place them under direct sunlight as this may cause for the bright colours to fade away sooner than anticipated.
  2. If there’s a need to store or maintain silk grass and flowers. Make sure to wash them and dust off completely. Set them on a box that is large enough so as to not fold and deform any components. Store them in room temperature, away from direct sunlight.

Silk grass plants and silk flowers provide the same elegance and beauty as the actual thing but in a much cost-effective manner. If we could make them last Then we could make sure we are maximizing our money’s worth.